Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to America

Arizona's new immigration law, which mirrors federal law, has gotten plenty of negative media and has stirred some interesting discussions on Facebook, in the blogs, and amongst friends. This morning I emailed my niece a link ( which describes the lawlessness that has become prevalent in Mexico and is spilling over our borders. We exchanged a few comments back and forth, and she finally wrote:

"You know what, I'm more or less a live and let live type of person for the most part, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, Homos whatever (I admit I have difficulty lumping the muslims in there though). People are what they are and can be whatever they want to be as far sexual identity but really it is my belief that they should just all assimilate, speak English, get a job, be a contributory member of society, don't whine about inequality and fairness or lack of it, don't force their viewpoints on others. They don't need their own clubs. The problem is they all want to be in the good ol' USA but they want to foist all of their "crap" on us. If you're going to live in America do it legally, contribute, live the dream and speak English, leave the burqa at home, become an American, melt in the pot or get out. We shouldn't need to change our way of life for people coming to our country to accommodate their ways and beliefs, etc. You don't go to someone else's house and rearrange their furniture, they shouldn't either."

In this day of weighing all our words and often our very thoughts against the political correctness of our time before speaking them, her words are boldly and refreshingly frank. I couldn't have said it better.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Patrick Henry Caucus

Check out this video about Utah's "Patrick Henry Caucus". You can find their website at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What PC is doing to our children and grandchildren

Yesterday, a friend was telling about a situation with her 16 year old daughter who badly wants her own cell phone. The mom had put two requirements this girl would have to meet before she could get one. These were simple enough conditions, things any 16 year old should have been doing without a bribe. One was that she would have to be turning in every homework assignment without exception (no grade requirements, even), and the other was that she would keep her room clean. For some reason, the daughter was having trouble accomplishing these basic tasks. Still, the daughter blamed her mom that she could not have a cell phone. The mom was mean and unfair. The mother said her daughter seemed to have no concept of actions and consequences, or that she (the daughter) was the master of her own fate.

I thought about this briefly, and realized that the concept of "consequences" has been un-taught in our schools. No one is allowed to fail, and great accomplishments by students aren't given the recognition they should be. Everyone must be "equal". Our team sports, at least in the younger grades, publish the same misconceived trashy lies. Every team gets a trophy. All players get trophies. Exceptional teams and players are not spotlighted, for fear someone else's feelings might be hurt because they weren't noticed. Even though they did not excel. This concept of "everyone is the same" insidiously teaches our children that there are no consequences for what they do. Responsibility for one's own success or failure is erased by these policies, and the lesson learned spills over into other segments of these kids' lives. What they want, and what their friends have, should just be given to them, regardless of what they do or don't do.

Fortunately, we still have some say in our own homes and families. At least for now. It's up to parents to teach these important concepts, that we can and should achieve all that we strive for, that actions do in fact have consequences in life whether the PC Police say they do or not. But we must teach our children. They will not learn this important lesson in their schools or activities.