Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

I was at the starting line for the 5K Freedom Run, part of Provo's annual Freedom Festival. Events for this festival begin in January, but then gear up in a big way for the week long celebration of Freedom that ends with the grand finale, the Stadium of Fire, a huge fireworks display with lots of music and entertainment. The host once again this year is Glenn Beck, and the top billed entertainment will be the Jonas Brothers.

I was also at the finish line of the 5K run, but must confess to taking a shortcut between. I was not there to run, but to take pictures and to support my candidate for U.S. Senate from Utah in 2010, Cherilyn Eagar.

Here she is: Ready for the race -- and for the 5K run.

Here's Cherilyn's husband, Randy, also ready for the race, and the 5K run.

Earlier this morning, the Hot Air Balloon launch provided this backdrop for the day's festivities which also includes a parade.

Here's my friend, Julie. Doesn't she look happy and fresh? She's always happy and fresh. And fun.

Interesting people...

Cherilyn and Randy cross the finish line.

Julie, too. It should be noted, the last leg of this run was uphill.

This is when I will run...

(when pigs fly)

So, let's celebrate our wonderful country today (and every day). Let's go to our parades, Tea Parties, and backyard barbecues. But when day is done, let us fall on our knees and thank our Heavenly Father for the blessings we enjoy in this magnificient country.

And when we awake each day, let's once again give thanks, roll up our sleeves, and engage ourselves in the business of preserving the freedoms we enjoy as individuals and as a nation by taking part in the political process.

God Bless America, and thank Him for this wondrous blessing which it is.


  1. Pam, it's a wonderful post. Yes, may God bless American and may He lead, guide, and direct us in His way.

  2. May God bless America and may we help him by being righteous and by doing what is right. You are a wonderful example of this, Pam.

  3. Let's never forget to thank God for this nation.

  4. Hey, darlin, looks like you had a great time. I'm making the rounds from the SGP Blogger club list. How are you doing?