Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm truly puzzled. Are there a huge number of people in this country who support a socialist government here, or do they really not realize what is happening with all the legislation that is being proposed and passed? If they knew where this is leading us, would they object? Do you think they understand? I know many are in denial and think what we are trying to tell them is just politics as usual, but if they really understood, would they continue to support all this president does?

I would honestly appreciate your thoughts and input on this subject -- any exchanges you've had with Democrat, Liberal or Independent friends that clarify what they're thinking. Or, if you know of anyone who has changed positions, why they did, what was their turning point?

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  1. Pam, I'm convinced they honestly don't get it. When I talk with the "well-meaning" libs, they honestly believe this administration and Congress are doing the right thing in passing health care, moving toward a green economy, etc. They always seem to focus in on the issue, but never on the broader impact of proposed legislation.