Saturday, March 7, 2009

Salt Lake City Tea Party - March 6, 2009

Citizens from as far away as Price (roughly 120 miles from SL) began gathering on the west steps of the Utah Capitol building in Salt Lake City about 11 o'clock Friday morning. By noon we had a nice gathering of people who had come to peacefully declare their concern for the current economic conditions and the accelerated spending programs this new administration in Washington is putting in place.

The organizer of this Tea Party is David Kirkham, a small businessman of Kirkham Motor Sports in Provo. David, like many of us who participated today, had never taken part in any kind of demonstration before this one, but having done business in a socialist country, knows firsthand of the danger our country is now in, and this was his way to sound the alarm. He did a great job of putting this event together, and I thank him for taking the time and making the effort to do so. Standing together with like-minded citizens was invigorating and motivating. Although our little group in and of itself may not move the mighty mountain in Washington, I sincerely believe we will play an important part. Each American has a say, and needs only to take a stand and make his voice heard to make a difference.

At noon, we moved inside the building where a podium had been set up for our use. David addressed us (please read his message at, as did Chris Herrod, Utah State Representative of the 62nd Legislative District in Provo, and three others. They each confirmed our belief that the federal government is doing great harm to our country by its massive spending and borrowing and encouraged us to continue to petition our legislators to oppose the path the president and congress is currently pursuing.

Media covered this small event, and I understand we were a blip on the local evening news.

Another round of Tea Parties around the country has been scheduled for April 15. Watch for one near you.

Here's a link to the local newspapers about the event:

Deseret News

S L Tribune

And here's a link to David Kirkham's speech.

David Kirkham, the organizer of this Tea Party

David Kirkham introducing Rep. Herrod

Chris Herrod, Utah State Representative, 62nd Legislative District (Provo)

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