Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gird up Your Loins

I was young, and easily intimidated. I ran down the hallway into the women's restroom and exploded into the tears I had held back. Mac, a short Napoleon-complexed salesman co-worker, had once again bullied me and brought me to the edge of my ability to endure. A minute later Irma charged through the door. Irma was the boss's secretary, older, wiser, and fearless. After offering a few pointed but now forgotten words about Mac, she said to me, "Don't feel bad, Pam, get mad."

Tonight I received an email from my niece that contained an open letter written by a retired official of Proctor and Gamble to President Obama, which the New York Times had declined to publish, but which has circulated on the internet. The letter was a series of one-sentence paragraphs that start "You scare me because...", listing all of the headline items of the past four months, all the things that have made me sick and sad and horrified, that rendered me first to head-shaking, then hand-wringing. I wasn't standing in the restroom crying, but in my head I could hear Irma chiding me, "Don't feel bad, Pam, get mad."

Obama does not scare me. He angers me. He's quick to blame anyone and anything for what is wrong in our country -- except himself, of course -- saying that he "inherited" this mess, but as Rush pointed out today, what Obama inherited was a free, Christian nation, a country governed by the rule of law and not by the whims of man. He is quickly turning our country into a socialist dictatorship.

So if you are still in the head-shaking or hand-wringing mode, it's time to gird up your loins and prepare to fight for your country. If not us, then who?


  1. You're not alone Pam. Millions of us are fed up, speaking out, and actively working to turn this train wreck around. Keep up the good work!