Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Tyranny

"Now, in the last years, we in America have gone a long distance towards the adoption of the Roman concepts, and the abuses against property rights and human freedom and liberties which are possible under that system. And let me say here and now, that in the whole history of the human race, from Adam until now, Tyranny has never come to live with any people with a placard on his breast bearing his name. He always comes in deep disguise, sometimes proclaiming an endowment of freedom, sometimes promising help to the unfortunate and downtrodden, not by creating something for those who do not have, but by robbing those who have. But Tyranny is always a wolf in sheep's clothing, and he always ends by devouring the whole flock, saving none."

J. Reuben Clark
"Inroads upon the Constitution by the Roman Law"
Stand Fast by our Constitution, Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, 1962, pp.4-5.


  1. Excellent excerpt. Many of us are recognizing these things for what they are...hopefully, not too late.

  2. So much is happening so fast. It is imperative that you find a calm way to tell your friends and neighbors what you are witnessing and encourage them to educate themselves and get involved. Now.

    Cap and Trade will be voted on late this afternoon (Friday, June 26). Contact your representative in the House right away and make it very clear that you expect him or her to vote against this bill. Let him know that if they vote in favor that you will campaign against him in the next election. And then DO IT. Here's a link to make this easy: Click on the box labeled "Take Action Now" and follow your nose. Do it now, and pass the information to everyone you know.