Monday, April 13, 2009

TEA*, Anyone?

In a day and a half, in hundreds of big cities, small towns, and everywhere in between, coast to coast in the United States of America, civic-minded citizens are gathering in a show of unity possibly not seen in this country in my lifetime.This second round of Tea Parties promises to be substantial despite the lack of interest from the MSM. In their arrogance, the liberal media are likely thinking if they don't acknowledge us, we will go away.

Not I. I am not going away. Rain or snow or sunshine, I will be there for the two Tea Parties I have already commited to on Wednesday, and to as many more as I can possibly attend in the future.

We must continue to hold these peaceful demonstrations until our elected representatives listen to us. Until they understand that unless they do listen to us, it is unlikely they will be re-elected. Until they understand that the level of government spending is not only not acceptable, it is obscene. Until they understand government has no business meddling in the private enterprise of its citizens. Until they remember and keep the Oath of Office to which they swore with God as their witness.

If you haven't already planned to attend a Tea Party, there is still time. Go to to find one in your area. If you have time, make a poster expressing your feelings about what is happening in our government to take with you. If you don't have time to make a poster, go anyway. Mingle with like-minded citizens and see that you are not alone.

Just go and do it.

*taxed enough already

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