Tuesday, April 28, 2009

They Knew

Who "they" are, is uncertain, but people in high places who could have prevented panic in the streets of New York when Air Force One and two accompanying fighter jets buzzed Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty yesterday afternoon, did not.Instead, they cowered under threats of federal sanctions from some unidentified "someone" even higher.

Their lack of courage to do the right thing leaves me incredulous, but here's the frosting on this bitter cake: the president expects to get to the bottom of this ---in two or three weeks. It will take him two or three weeks to find out whose brainchild this imbecilic "mission" was?! It didn't take him that long to push his sinfully huge "stimulus" bill through the congress.

I realize this is probably one of the least important news stories of the day. With each of our freedoms quickly eroding faster than ice cubes in the Sahara, surely there are other issues more noteworthy. But this one broke my heart on a more personal level for the terrified New Yorkers who ran from their workplaces with flashbacks of 9-11 reeling in their heads. How callous, how uncaring, how thoughtless every single person in the chain of command who suggested, approved, allowed, took part in, and remained quiet about this blunder!

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  1. Then to watch this pariah on his Saturday night comedy skit, blame his daughters was utterly despicable. Utterly despicable from the most important office holder in the free world--almost expected behavior from this amateur, this poseur, this usurper with not an ounce of protocol in his marxist soul.

  2. BB Stacker, thanks for commenting. I too heard his disgusting "humor" on Saturday night and wondered if indeed, it wasn't someone from the Whitehouse just out for a "little ride", with his consent, of course. You are so right about his total lack of protocol, or even total lack of good sense and gentility. It's gonna be a long four years.